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Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans

Who Can Apply: Immigrants or children of immigrants who are 30 or younger and are planning to start or continue an eligible full-time graduate degree program in the United States in the 2021-2022 academic year. Applicant’s birth parents must have been born outside of the US as non-US citizens and the applicant also must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Born in the US
  • Naturalized Citizen
  • Green Card
  • Adopted
  • DACA

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree as of fall of 2021 and the application is open to college seniors intending to pursue graduate studies, students in the first year or two of their graduate career, and those in the workforce seeking graduate training. The fellowship is open to all fields of study and all fully accredited full time graduate degree programs in the United States.

Award Amount: Up to $90,000 over 2 years

Duration: Two years

National Deadlines:  October 26, 2023

Description: The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship seeks to honor the contribution and diversity of immigrants in the United States by providing awards to immigrants and children of immigrants who are pursuing full time graduate degrees in the United States. This highly competitive fellowship is awarded to only 30 students nationwide who have demonstrated creativity, originality, initiative, and sustained accomplishment. Selections are based on merit and seek to identify immigrants and children of immigrants who have outstanding academic accomplishments and are prepared to make further contributions to the nation and their field of study.

Selection Criteria: The Soros Fellowship looks at the following criteria for selecting fellows:

  • Demonstrated creativity, originality and initiative in one or more aspects of her/his life.
  • Demonstrated a commitment to and capacity for accomplishment that has required drive and sustained effort.
  • Demonstrated a commitment to the values expressed in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
  • Gives promise of continued significant contributions. Those contributions are likely to reflect distinctive creativity, originality and initiative and will mark the candidate as a leading and influential figure within her/his fields of endeavor.
  • The candidate's graduate training is relevant to her/his long-term career goals and is of potential value in enhancing her/his future creativity and accomplishment.
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