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Princeton in Latin America


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Who Can Apply: Graduating Seniors and Recent Grads

IMPORTANT: For most positions, some knowledge of the local language (Spanish, Portuguese, or French) is necessary.

Description: Princeton in Latin America (PiLA) is an independent non-profit organization that seeks to impact the lives of young college graduates by placing them in paid, yearlong fellowships with NGOs, government organizations, and multilateral institutions in Latin America. The PiLA experience aims to instill a lifelong appreciation and awareness of Latin America through interAmerican exchange.

PiLA considers all applicants with a demonstrated interest in non-profit work in Latin America. Strong Spanish or Portuguese language skills are a bonus, but the program is trying to secure a few fellowships in the Anglophone Caribbean for those with proficiency in languages other than Spa/Port. They will offer two or so English-teaching placements this year, in Brazil, as well as the exception of the Princeton-Parramos Fellowship which is part teaching, part public health and is, therefore, aimed at candidates looking for public health experience. PiLA partner NGOs’ foci range from microfinance and natural resource conservation to public health and education policy, and beyond.

Program Preferences: The PiLA Selection Committee considers all aspects of an application, including academic performance, past travel and work experience, evidence of emotional maturity, and a sense of adventure.

Award Amount: Fellows are responsible for their airfare and health insurance. For each country, a monthly stipend is determined to cover housing, food, and local transportation, which is paid to the fellow through contributions from the partner organization and PiLA. PiLA fellowships are not money-making ventures, and fellows should expect to live modestly within the local culture.

Duration: Placements are for 10–12 months and can start anytime between June and September, depending on the needs of the organization.

National Deadline: November 7, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST 

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