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Oxfam CHANGE Initiative


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Who can apply: US and Foreign Citizens – Freshmen, Sophomores - All Majors - GPA of 3.0 or higher recommended

Description: The CHANGE Initiative is a highly competitive national program that trains college students to become actively engaged in Oxfam America's social justice mission. CHANGE develops capable leaders, who are informed voices for positive social change, and who inspire greater global awareness in others. CHANGE Leaders are brought together for an intensive week of leadership training that equips them to be effective CHANGE advocates. Students are introduced to social justice issues directly related to Oxfam America's mission, and are asked to work on one or more of these issues on their campus during the academic year.

US-based college students entering their sophomore or junior year can take advantage of Oxfam America's leadership training and become skilled and knowledgeable agents of change. CHANGE Leaders use their skills and insight to run Oxfam campaigns on their campuses and in their local communities.

Service Obligation: Students must be prepared to implement an Oxfam campaign on their campus or in their community.

Award Amount: Oxfam assumes the cost of training, room and board, and travel.

Duration: One week of intensive training during the summer.

National Deadline: April 1, 2015

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